Where smart strategy and beautiful design co-exist, you'll find most extraordinary outcomes.

BOLD, before it was a buzz word

Welcome to the home of straight-shooting creatives who embrace the bold, empower the offbeat and are strictly against regular branding. We imagined a world where brands innovate, their stories captivate and their strategies had them meet their customer where they are, and then we found the metaphorical cojones to create it. So here we are, delivering brands schmick design, mullah-making strategies, get-you-noticed communications and websites that actually work.

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Bold Brands

We’re a brand-first creative agency and are proud to have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. From unique, boutique, tucked-away hospitality venues, large professional services businesses living in Brisbane’s concrete jungle, to some of QLD’s largest and most longstanding developers. Whether it’s property, retail, hospitality, or anything else for that matter – if you can dream it, we can do it.

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Our Services
  • Identity
  • Strategy
  • Activation

Once we understand the guts of your business, what makes you tick and why you do what you do, we bring it all to life, creating brand assets that set you apart and make you un-bloody-forgettable.

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Branding is our playground, and boy, do we love to play!  This team wins with a solid strategy, and a clear-as-day understanding of who you are and what makes you special.  All of our projects start with defining your brand essence, whether it already exists or we’re bringing it to life.


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The only thing more exciting than conceptualising or perfecting a brand is rolling it out across physical and digital platforms.  We take pride in every piece of design, every website, every social media tile.  If Boldly are behind it, you better believe it looks good.

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