If you thought you were the only person who got down to business for the first time while some awful song that was popular that decade played in the background, take comfort in the fact that you’re not.  Sitting here, amping myself up to take the plunge, I’m finding the instrumental of Westlife’s ‘Coast to Coast’ surprisingly ambient…


I hope you won’t be disappointed by my performance, that it won’t be anti-climatic. I wonder if you’ll enjoy it and come back for more… on a regular basis if I’m lucky. Or, maybe you’ll get to the end and dive straight back into the search for a better performing model.

If there’s one undeniable truth about this blush-inducing, heart-rate escalating escapade, it’s that there are big expectations. It’s unspoken, but there’s no escaping the overwhelming feelings of confusion, fear, and shyness, hopefully rounded off by a touch of euphoria. I’ve been told by those who have done the deed before me, that the first time is the most provoking and you relax into a groove the more you practice.

It’s been a long time coming, more than a quarter of a century in fact, so, it’s about time I got it out of the way. At the very least so I can cease being haunted by that lingering question, ‘When’s it going to happen?’ With any luck, I’ll love it, make it a regular part of my weekly routine and very soon I’ll be able to put to bed the yet-to-be-answered question, ‘Was your first your best?’

Here goes nothing…



The words on this page will be my first to ever be published. Cracker of a start – am I right?! Well, if I’m wrong, then my condolences to the death of your sense of humour, and I wish you well in your endeavours to engage with the sea of mainstream bloggers that infest the internet.  Too bold? Perhaps I should have eased you into my tongue-in-cheek narrative. No matter, you’ll get used to me and if you don’t at least you’ll remember reading this.


We are Bold-ly


The above potentially polarising introductory narrative is by no means a bid to be unconventionally radical and therefore somehow superior. It isn’t a one-off, risque instalment of words, artificially-shaped to play into a business name (which is Boldly, by the way). Quite the contrary. In our world, things simply come to mind and are most often said; we’re decidedly bold and consistently frank and if that emerges as something somewhat against the status quo, then so be it.

Boldly exists in a world of authenticity and it certainly wasn’t something designed to be so; it was a natural progression. Our founder (oh yeah, that’s me by the way) was the child responsible for defiantly photobombing candid family photos and trailblazing through home video shots over the years, predominantly naked. Aside from my now preference for clothes, twenty-odd years on, not all that much has changed. What is done in my world is done loudly and proudly, with purpose and without restraint, for and sometimes against the status quo. The point being, what you can expect from me, my business and my ramblings is raw, unpredictable, unsolicited and unique, because that is exactly who I am, who we are and how we roll.


Zero smoke blowing


Well, there is something we can all agree upon, it’s that life is too short for fake cheese. Hang in there I have a point…

There’s literally nothing worse than peeling open the attractive yet unnecessary, earth-polluting wrapping on a bite-sized block of cheese, only to sink your teeth into something reminiscent of softened bathroom sealant. The only settling thought for cheese-eaters far and wide is that a cheese that bounces back when dropped might limit unnecessary back strain. I digress. The point of the analogy, whether it’s fake people, personalities, watches, noses, boobs or cheese, they all have one thing in common; they aren’t what they say they are on the tin, which can be seriously anticlimactic.  

I’m not a believer in overpromising, which is precisely why the name is on the tin, and what you see, hear and read is precisely what you will always get.  So here we are, a bunch of out-of-the-box thinkers who live by a no BS philosophy, here to deliver you schmick design, mullah-making strategies, get-you-noticed communications and websites that actually work.

If you’re going to follow us along for the ride I should probably warn you now that while we’re sharers of knowledge, shapers of visions and deliverers of bang for buck, in our world, spades are called spades. For those of you who reside under rocks and didn’t get the idiom, what I’m trying to tell you is that nothing comes sugar-coated and zero smoke with be blown anywhere near your rear end. We are ‘Boldly’; by name and by nature. I’ll leave you to figure out why.