PR & Events

Humanise your brand, make real connections


Remember when the internet didn’t exist and physically connecting with people was fashionable? Turns out human contact is still a thing!  Ok, tech junkies, it’s not all dismal – PR and events increase visibility, credibility, and create cut-through for your business. Relationships are key differentiators because there aren’t two of you. So, get connecting!


If a customer isn’t feeling the love, they’ll go elsewhere. Fact. In this cut-throat world, it is as important to nurture existing customers as it is to get new ones. You might think the love is there but like any relationship you need to reignite the passion from time to time. So go on, throw them a party, share in a beer and remind them why they chose you.


So, my business is judged on my ability to be a people person? Yep! And, to throw another spanner in the works, people prefer businesses with a heart. Event hosting, co-branding, charity involvement and community engagement are a great way to ensure people see the heart! Don’t have one? Contact a liquidator. Too bold?