Marketing & Digital Strategy

Why do I need a strategy?

Be Proactive

Remember the saying, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’? Well, here’s a new one: ‘Failing to plan is planning to spend more money on marketing than necessary and getting less in return’. Pre-planned and proactive marketing delivers better results every time.

Save Money

No marketing strategy? Do you remember Dear Henry sang to Dear Liza about having a hole in his bucket? Well, you’re Henry, except it’s not water coming out the bottom of that bucket of yours. An adhoc approach to marketing is a costly affair and patching the hole with a marketing strategy can save you valuable dollars.

Maximise ROI

For consistency’s sake, consider us Dear Liza, armed with a bucket fixing solution. Knowing your customer intimately and giving them what they need, when they need it, where they need it is the key to effective marketing. We’re the nerds who love to crunch the numbers and deliver you those money making insights.