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Welcome to the official blog of a particularly eclectic group of humans, who collectively call themselves Boldly. We’re out of the box thinkers with a no BS philosophy. Oh and we’re partial to schmick design, mullah making strategies and websites that actually work.

We will get to the reason why we’re all here later, but not before we cover off a bit of housekeeping. Wait, no one likes housekeeping…scrap that. Point being, before delving into the depths of this blog I thought it important you know that it’s contents will be raw…very raw. The thing is, we’re in the business of taking an honest approach to just about everything. Here you will uncover the good, the bad and the ugly of the marketing world from those who call it home. With any luck you might appreciate our authentic insights and hit us up for a coffee – we’re way more interesting in person.

How rude of me, I’ve started rambling without even introducing myself. My name is Emma Tawse, I am the founder of this wild thing called Boldly, that is hell bent on delivering you everything marketing related you could ask for, in unapologetically bold style.  Check out our website if you want to know more about what we do because this realm isn’t about distributing subliminal business plugs, it’s a creative outlet focused on knowledge sharing, where we hope you will get to know the marketing world better, one riveting blog at a time.

Before we get into the tricks of the marketing trade, a few tidbits that might actually make you money, let me give you some background on the agency. Strap yourselves in we could be here for a while. Who am I kidding? We were born in January…this year, so rest assured the suspense for what’s to come after I cease rambling won’t have time to give you a runny nose, let alone kill you.

So, where to start? Well, I could string you an elaborate story about how I spent months daydreaming and napkin doodling this business concept, that we’ve been going for years, we’ve got a team of 30 and are welcoming our 1000th Instagram follower. I could, but then I would be lying. Fibs are of course not my style (if they were my mother would have my guts for garters) and our story is much more raw (and short) than that.

The truth is, I woke up one January morning this very year and saw a bright light at the end of a metaphorical tunnel. I packed my things quicker than you can say things and made a move for me that I will never regret as long as I live. I’ll let you in on a few home truths in my personal blog ( – coming soon. Please hold the excitement, we don’t want any accidents.) but for now we’ll keep it brief – after all, we’ve only just met you nosey bugger.

Long story short it was out with the old and in with the Bold-ly (love it don’t you?) really bloody quickly. In fact, you don’t have to be good at math to figure out that January was only two months ago, in which time we’ve grown from three heads, two hands and four paws (which were unfortunately not particularly conducive to web, strategy or graphic design), to six heads, eight hands and eight paws (the paws unfortunately still lacking opposable thumbs.) We’re enjoying a marvellous first chapter and, putting aside my accumulation of another handful of grey hairs, I’m excited about the present moment.

So now you know, we’re here right now because I took a risk and made a bold move. You guessed it, that is in fact where there beast got its name. For a while there, I forgot what it was like to be bold. What better way to make sure I never forget again?

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