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Be bold & beautiful.

If your brand is rubbish, you know what will be said about you? Nothing – well not to your face at least (the brave few excluded). Not to be vain, but whoever said it’s not about looks, lied. Tell us, would you leave the house in yesterday’s sweaty active wear knowing full well you could run into your ex’s new partner? You know, the younger model you were traded in for? No! While we’re at it, we’ve got some news for you…drum roll… your brand is not your logo. You’re brand is your entire personality and in a dog eat dog world 3-5 seconds is all you’ve got when it comes to perception. Do you really want the game over before it’s even begun?



At the risk of blowing your mind this early in the game, we’ve got news for you; they lied, it is all about you. It’s 360 degrees of pure, unapologetically, YOU! It’s 2018, so we need to ditch this romanticised fantasy that sitting around, waiting will get you to where you need to be. What you need to be doing, is diving head first (sorry to say, but you’ll need to leave your inner weakling at home, there’s no room for them in the marketing world) into the mind of the client and focusing on building stronger relationships; capturing and entangling them into your world at every step of the journey. Now that is the true definition of you doing you!


Be better online.

You know the term ‘be frank’… well, does anyone actually know who Frank is? If you’re thinking of Googling this, then snaps to you, you know the internet is made up of more than just hilariously life relevant memes and videos of panda’s hiccupping. If we are to be frank, which frankly we like to be (especially after Googling the origins), then we would tell you the web is a pretty big deal, so it needs to be effective… but also look remarkable and function boldly! Basically, your website is your biggest asset… so take care of it.