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About Us


Our homage to the unapologetically bold.

A message from our founder.

A hashtag can speak a thousand words, but lucky for you, so can I.  Staying true to myself, I’m taking the liberty of introducing myself and my business, my way, the only way I know how; creatively, passionately…boldly (pardon the pun).

Where to start?

First up let’s state the obvious, we’re the new kids on the block. That said, I take this opportunity to warn you not to underestimate us – I don’t want to have to say I told you so. Who am I kidding, I love saying that!

This thing, named Boldly was my bright (not to mention bold) idea. Born in January, 2018 on the fringe of Brisbane’s CBD and in true bold style, we skipped past the nappies and strolled straight into our terrible two’s – in all our opinionated and sure-of-ourself glory. Boldly lives as its name suggests; an adventurous spirit, hell-bent on disrupting the marketing world. We are out in the market, guns blazing, refusing to cease fire until…well…we’ve stocked up on a lifetimes supply of ammo. Move over doomsday preppers.

By now, you’re probably waiting for me to get to the point of what it is we can do. Well, I could easily bore you with a detailed summary of the end-to-end service offering and specialist marketing talent Boldly unwaveringly offers,

but then I may as well send you to any one of Brisbane’s full-service marketing agencies’ websites that surmises this in some droll manner and save myself the effort.

Instead, I would much rather use this opener to hammer home the real reason why I’m writing this and why Boldly should be your choice of creative partner. Of course there is actual specialist talent and an actual service offering associated with this brand, but what you need to know is what will make the biggest difference to you, which is something money can’t buy and no university can teach; pure, unwavering and wild passion. Unfortunately, this secret ingredient you’ve either got or you don’t. Lucky for us, we’ve got it by the truckload.

Ok, time to put away the pom poms, drop the narrative and rejoin the business world to cover off why this quirky little idea could actually make you some dollars. Enjoy.


Emma Tawse, Founder + Director


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Join the team

We are a boutique start-up, full service, creative marketing agency with clients from basically every industry under the sun. Our story goes a little something like this: One warm (and probably humid) January morning, cradling that beloved first cup of coffee, an interesting thought crossed our minds, “why don’t we just do this whole marketing thing ourselves?!” Probably worth mentioning this wasn’t all that random of a thought, seeing as our Director is not new to the boss game, having previously run a successful marketing agency. But still, a pretty cool decision if we do say so ourselves. The difference being, at Boldly we’re bigger, braver, brilliant-(er) and you guessed it, bolder!

We’re always on the look out for new talent and right now we’re laying out our foundations. So drop us a line if you like what you see… and think you have what it takes. Huge opportunities lie ahead for those brave enough to jump on the Bold train.


We are looking for a web developer with graphic design skills who is familiar with both custom coding and WordPress theme implementation. You must have strong front-end and back-end development knowledge – meaning you’ll need to do all the setup stuff and the front-end stuff.

Most ads will rave on about how fun the business atmosphere is, work life balance, free coffee, blah blah blah.


Just like there are no guarantees in marketing, there are no guarantees in that ad being even close to the truth. Well as it so happens, we (as in Boldly) are in the business of being unapologetically bold. In short, we’ll tell it how it is.

This ad is being written by an employee (and no, there is no gun to my head) who can promise: (yes, I know! bold using that word in the marketing world), “it’s so fun here you won’t want to go home”.

Side note, if the above doesn’t appeal to you, at least come entertain our office dogs for a while so we can do some work. I digress.

We are looking for a web developer with graphic design skills who is familiar with both custom coding and WordPress theme implementation. While this is only contract for the time being, we intend for the right candidate to evolve into a head of department role.

Give us a shout to find out more!


Just two months in and we are up to our neck in graphic design projects. As we onboard more clients, there is space for a Design Intern to join our team!

Ideal for design/ creative industries students in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year; looking to expand their knowledge + skills, gain industry experience and/or develop their professional portfolio – it looks great on a resume too!

In this role, you can expect to learn about/ be involved in:

1. Campaign development + execution.

2. Brand development + implementation. Seeing a re-brand from beginning to end.

3. Creation of digital media – banners, social media, web content, etc.

4. Development of print collateral such as posters, flyer’s, signage and more.

5. And plenty more fun, creative stuff!

If you fit this description, send over your resume and/or portfolio today!

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